Zucchini, aspargus & Pecorino Romano cheese risotto30min | Difficulty Easy | 4 portions

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Risotto d'asperges sauvages, Pecorino Romano et courgettes


Mince the shallot and brown them in olive oil.
Add the rice and brown it few minutes until the seeds become transparent.
Little by little add the xarm chicken stock.
Halfway through the cooking , add the blanched* and minced aspargus keeping some tips.
Let it cook during 16 minutes, turn off the heat and mix whipping the cold butter, the grated cheese, olive oil and pepper.

Before serving, add the aspargus tips and zucchini previously browned in olive oil.
Sprinkle with grated cheese.

*Blanch : quickly drop in salted boiling water and then quiclky drop in ice water to keep the color.

Vous aimez cette recette ? Gardez-là avec vous

Enjoy !