Zucchini raviolis and Tomme Catalane Urgélia PDO cheese5min | Difficulty Easy | 2 portions

Discover our zucchini raviolis with Tomme Catalane Urgélia PDO cheese.

Easy to prepare, you will love them!

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To prepare ravioli :


To prepare the salad dressing :

  • chives
  • toasted almonds
  • vinegar
  • smoked salt
  • olive oil
  • pepper


How to prepare ravioli :

Cut the zucchini into strips. Remove the first green peel.
Boil the strips during 30 seconds in a pan with salt water.
Leave to cool in water with ice cubes.

Cut the Tomme Catalane Urgélia cheese into dices and melt it in a bain-marie.

Once melted, add smoked salt and pepper. Using two coffee spoons, make little balls.

Put  the zucchini strips in a cross shape and add a ball at the middle. Fold the strips to the center to make a square and turn them.

How to prepare the salad dressing :

Mince chives, add toasted almonds, pepper, vinegar, olive oil and salt.

Put the salad dressing on the ravioli.




Vous aimez cette recette ? Gardez-là avec vous

Enjoy !